Masterpoint Races

Ace of Clubs: The annual Ace of Clubs masterpoint races are won by the player from each masterpoint category through Diamond Life Master who earns the most masterpoints in club games during the year.

Mini-McKenney: The annual Mini-McKenney masterpoint races are won by the member from each masterpoint category who earns the most total masterpoints during the year. Unit winners are also designated.

      Unit Yearly Rankings
2018 Final Ace of Clubs
2018 Final Mini-McKenney
2017 Final Ace of Clubs
2017 Final Mini-McKenney
2016 Final Ace of Clubs
2016 Final Mini-McKenney
2015 Final Ace of Clubs
2015 Final Mini-McKenney
2014 Final Ace of Clubs
2014 Final Mini-McKenney
2013 Final Ace of Clubs
2013 Final Mini-McKenney
2013Final Online Leaders
2013 Final Year-To-Date Leaders
2013 Final Lifetime Leaders
2012 Final Ace of Clubs
2012 Final Mini-McKenney
2012 Final Online Leaders
2012 Final Year-To-Date Leaders
2012 Final Lifetime Leaders
2011 Final Online Leaders
2011 Final Year-To-Date Leaders
2011 Final Lifetime Leaders
2011 Final Ace of Clubs Adobe PDF document
2011 Final Mini-McKenney Adobe PDF document
2010 Final Online Leaders
2010 Final Year-To-Date Leaders
2010 Final Lifetime Leaders
2010 Final Ace of Clubs Adobe PDF document
2010 Final Mini-McKenney Adobe PDF document